Current Investments


ProEm is a premier provider of event rental equipment and services in the Southwest. The Company is recognized by its customers for delivering an outstanding guest experience through a combination of event services and equipment, including tents and structures, tables, chairs, power products, and furnishings. As a top ten provider of event rental equipment and services, the Company supports numerous events, including automobile auctions, banquets, corporate events, industry trade shows, collegiate and professional sporting events and weddings. The Company is led by an entrepreneurial leadership team that has over 70 years of combined industry experience. ProEm operates from two locations with a workforce of over 130 full-time and 1,250 seasonal employees. In 2017, ProEm completed 2 strategic acquisitions in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Winter Services

Winter Services is a leading snow and ice removal service provider located in Milwaukee with operations covering several states in the Midwest including Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois, and a customer base of over 1,000 commercial clients. The company continues to expand its geographic footprint in the region. Winter Services has been recognized numerous times by several leading trade organizations and industry publications for its stellar customer service and innovative management approach.

Sekai Electronics

Since 1982, Sekai Electronics has established itself as the leading global manufacturer of ruggedized cameras and digital equipment solutions for harsh environments. The company produces new and retrofit technologies for military and commercial applications worldwide including programs for The Space Shuttle, commercial trains and airliners, border security and UAVs. The company is also developing a number of new, exciting technologies including the E-Window 360 and PoSDi. Sekai has offices in Los Angeles and Germany.


Prior Investments

Set forth below are selected previous investments completed by S Group’s Founder.

Trident International, Inc.

Manufacturer of inkjet printheads for commercial printing applications (Brookfield, CT)

U.S. Electronics Components Corp.

Designer, manufacturer, and marketer of remote controls and auxiliary equipment for the cable TV industry (Port Jefferson, NY)

Durand Forms, Inc.

Manufacturer of aluminum concrete forming systems and related equipment supplying the residential construction industry (Durand, MI)

Creations Manufacturing, Inc.

Designer and manufacturer of mid-priced traditional and contemporary oak furniture (Fresno, CA)

Continental Structural Plastics, Inc.

Manufacturer of custom compression molded structural components serving automotive and non-automotive customers (Southfield, MI)

Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation

Market leader in the design and manufacture of aircraft arresting systems for military and commercial applications (Aston, PA)

Duramax, Inc.

Leading manufacturer of vinyl and rubber flooring products and industrial rubber products (Middlefield, OH)

Pioneer Window Inc.

Manufacturer and installer of commercial aluminum windows (Hicksville, NY)

Grafix North America, Inc.

Distributor and installer of peripheral equipment for larger printing presses (Burr Ridge, IL)

Calwax Corp.

Manufacturer and distributor of specialty wax and wax products (Irwindale, CA)

Quest Specialty Chemicals, Inc.

Manufacturer of commercial and industrial adhesive and sealant products (South Bend, IN)

Trantech Radiator Products, Inc.

Leading manufacturer of specialty radiators and related products that are used for cooling liquid filled transformers in the electric power industry (Edgefield, SC)

Process Equipment Company

Leading designer and manufacturer of highly-engineered specialty machines and automation systems (Tipp City, OH)

Aerovox Corp.

The leading manufacturer of AC film capacitors in North America (New Bedford, MA)

Rostra Tool Company

The largest U.S. designer and manufacturer of professional specialty hand crimping tools for the electrical, electronic, telecommunications, cable television, and plumbing markets (Branford, CT)

Fuller Brands

A premier manufacturer and distributor of products for commercial cleaning, household cleaning, and personal care. (Great Bend, KS)

CPAC Imaging

A leader in chemicals, silver recovery equipment, and supplies used in photo development processing. (Duluth, GA)

Fairfield Mint LLC

The third largest marketer of die-cast automotive replicas in the U.S. (Norwalk, CT)

Aspect Automation

A premium supplier of development, design, build and support services involving custom automated manufacturing equipment (St. Paul, MN)

SRC Worldwide

A leading producer of fused magnesium flux, used in the production and recycling of magnesium and aluminum alloys, as desiccants and as specialized catalysts. (Cleveland, OH & Albany, OR)

VanDeMark Chemical Inc

A supplier of specialty and custom chemicals focusing on phosgene production and phosgene-related chemistry.  (Lockport, NY)